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Friday, June 5, 2009

Bye Bye Virginity

My Blog virginity that is. C'mon did you really think I was going to tell you all about how I lost my virginity, the crown royale of every girl's entry into "womanhood." How his breath was warm, his touch gentle & I felt like an angel on earth. Oh sweet memories... Hold on while I reminisce..... OK, OK, ... enough dry heaving for one night. Seriously, first times are tough & almost always fall way below our romanticized teenage expectations.

Anyway, back to the task at hand. I have had this blog account for a LONG time but never really got around to writing despite the continuous stream of words, thoughts and ideas that run through my head. "Maybe I should write about this .... But this would be more interesting ... OOO, what about that.... and more recently - who gives a crap what I write about." So tonight I am embracing my who gives a crap attitude & am jumping in. You see two of my good friends are bloggers & I have to tell ya, they crack me up. Not just because they are so mushy, gooey in love (although that does make me laugh and smile) but because they have attracted some "cyber-groupies" who I picture in my mind sitting by their PC's (or MAC's) laughing out loud telling their friends about the daily adventures of "Life Is" and "Along." or maybe I will call them Hollie & Flash. Regardless, I want my own cyber groupies :)

So I can't promise a subject focused blog - knowing me it will most likely be a shoot from the hip, foot in mouth, she is freakin' crazy type of a blog but I can promise it won't be dull. So hop in & enjoy the ride, it may be what you were hoping for.

Till next time ....


  1. You CRACK ME UP!
    Can't wait to read all about it all the time.
    I'm your personal stalker now.

  2. Oh, Gina! Welcome to my world! Can't wait!


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