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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Professor Says ...

Welcome to the new segment I'd like to call "Professor Says." Professor is my soon to be 4 year old; he is smart, serious, spirited (he gets that from me) & hysterical. Sometimes it is hard not to laugh at him because his delivery is just so pure. Here's a sampling from just this Friday ...

Background info - we call farts "Burps". Yeah, Yeah, it's weird but what do you call them?
Friday morning he was getting undressed so I could put sunscreen on & when I told him he needed to take off his undies he says with a straight face "Mom, there's a big skid in my underwear" to which I reply "Do you have to go poop?" without skipping a beat he says with a smirk "No, I was playing with my trains this morning & I made a CRAZY burp and got a skid!" He is a man in training. If he lets more than one rip he will say "There's a lot of big burps coming from my tush!" and laugh. He's awesome!

Friday night we are standing in the bathroom brushing teeth watching me in the mirror the entire time, he takes the toothbrush out of his mouth & says "Mommy your head is shaped like a bagel" I ask, "what is your head shaped like?" He replies, "My head is shaped like a bagel too & Bam-Bam's (his 1 year old brother) head is shaped like a bagel. But Daddy's head is shaped like a Cantaloupe."

He is scrumptious!

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