I don't know where this life is going to take me but I am certainly enjoying navigating the path.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who would have thought that ...

.... Two of my brothers are named Tom & Gerry

... I once told Ricky Henderson, the all-time stolen base champ that he needed to hustle. (My husband LOVES this one)
... I am a BIG Mary when it comes to lightening - it scares the crap out of me
... I lived in a haunted house - No shit!
.... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Golden Gate Park & want my ashes sprinkled there when I'm done.

... When servers bring the Lobsters over to your table so you can choose which one you would like for dinner IT FREAKS ME OUT !!! (No shock that I don't eat Lobster)

... I dress up like a 70's Disco Queen for Mardi Gras & dance like crazy as we roll down the Parade Route. We are fierce!!!!

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