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Friday, July 3, 2009


My boy is a hop, skip & jump away from his 4th birthday and I am still amazed.

I want to run up to my OB & hug him because if it weren’t for him, my life would have taken a very different turn. Then I want to get in my car, drive over to the “highly recommended women’s practice” and tell that ignorant doctor who told me I needed a hysterectomy (over the phone mind you) at the age of 31 that she is a jackass while I flash the photos of my two beautiful boys in her face. (Really, I am a kind person but there are some things you just don't screw with & a woman's fertility is one of them.)

Through all the “what ifs” Smarty (my man) & I went back and forth about how we would be OK without kids, how we would travel & maybe I’d go to law school. Such fools! It’s amazing how we lie to ourselves b/c it is easier than feeling the pain of disappointment. I can say it was a lie b/c having these two guys running around the house is the best gift I have ever been given and changed my life - who am I kidding, it changed me - for the better.

So in honor of the big day I will make the Professor a Lightning McQueen cake (that he won’t eat b/c he doesn’t eat cake) and some sugar cookies with Red sprinkles (the only sweets he will entertain) and sing Happy Birthday with a smile in my heart and tears of joy in my eyes. Then at night when I tuck him into his bed I will hug him tight, tell him I Love him & whisper the same words I do every night, “Have a party in your dreams tonight.”


  1. You say that every night? That's adorable.

  2. I do say that every night & if I don't he says "what else do you have to say Mommy"

  3. Those things are close to home for me too, since I've had my feminine equipment the longest of any women in my family... and there seem to be no end of docs with scalpels at the ready, telling me my parts is doin' me no good anyhow...

    hooray for thinking for ourselves!
    and cake.


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