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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Puppy Love

I think my boy has a Crush

Over the weekend we had a 4th Birthday party for our son, Calvin. As we are getting ready to sit down for Pizza & Cake (you know the standard kid party menu) he says “I want Emily to sit next to me.” Hmm. OK.

A little odd considering he is not big on the friendship thing & would rather “work alone.” But it’s cute so I’m going with it.
Emily walks into the room & he yells out “Emily, I want you to sit right here” pointing to the chair next to him. Emily being a sweet little 5 year old girly-girl says in that soft little girl voice “OK” & hops up. Adorable.

Then this happened ….

7:15am “Mommy, when Emily turns 6 can I go to her birthday party?”
7:15:22 “Mommy, when its my 5th birthday Emily is going to come to my party.”
7:20am “Mommy, when Emily comes to my house I am going to let her play with my new Mater truck. You know the one that can tow Lightning McQueen. I think that will make her happy.”
7:30am “Mommy, I think BamBam will like to play with Emily too”
Leaning over, stroking little brother BamBam’s hair
“BamBam, you will love Emily, she will like to play with you.”

In the car on the way to school & the Daughtry song “Feels like tonight” comes on the radio (the Professor really likes that cd)

7:40am “Mommy, Can you bring the “tonight” song in the house so I can play it for Emily”
7:40:20am “and the “Home” song too, I think Emily will like that one too”
7:42am “Mommy, is Emily going to be at school today?”
7:45am “Mommy, when can Emily come to our house to play?”
7:50am “Mommy, Emily came to my birthday party” BIG Smile

Pulling into the school parking lot

7:55am “Mommy, I want to go to Emily’s house to see her”

In the classroom,
Me: Hugs & Kisses, see you after lunch:

8am “Mommy, is Emily going to be here today?”

Me: I don't know. See you later. Have a great day.

12:30pm Picking him up from school.

Me: Hey buddy, how was school today?

“Mommy, is Emily going to come over our house today? I want Emily to come to my house today. I am going to put the Tonight song on for her. She will like it. Maybe we can do the dancing. Then we can play cars. I'm going to share my Mater. I am going to show her my car board. Mommy, I want Emily to ……”

…all the way home - all afternoon - all evening.

Guess who will be calling Emily’s Mom


  1. And I know you've read him the Little Bear books where Emily is Little Bear's best friend.

  2. We have tons of books but now Little Bear books. I am going to the bookstore today so we will check them out.


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