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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Crap - the TV's on the Fritz

The time has come to bid our HUGE projection TV goodbye. There is no denying it's impending fate; the color is all whacked out, the image goes from normal to wavy (think High School Acid Trip) & the picture randomly shuts off although the sound remains on.

Now normal folks would say "Crap - the TV is on the fritz. Time to go to the nearest appliance store and get a new one" but not in the Frugal family house. We (and by "we" I mean my husband Smarty) hem & haw, we reluctantly measure for space, we look at ads, we research TV reviews, we go to the store (just to look of course), come home turn on the gasping for air TV and think some more. (insert long sighs here)

Needless to say, this drives me CRAZY !!!! I am the "oh crap the TV is on the fritz", quick scan of research & then off to the store to purchase a new TV type of gal. Not to mention I went through this not too long ago with the washing machine so I am really over it. With the washer it took TWO months to pick a replacement after the repair man told us it would cost more to repair than replace. Two freaking months of me praying to the washing machine gods ever time I did a load of laundry. Now mind you I cloth diaper my kids so I spend a great deal of time in the laundry room so that was a long time. Two months of "do we want a front loader or a top loader?" "I'm not spending $1500 on a washing machine" "I can't think about this today." Finally, at 5 months pregnant with baby #2 I lost it & declared today is the day we get a new washer and off we went to Lowe's; the following morning two nice men from Lowe's placed my new Duet Sport in my laundry room and soon thereafter it was churning out its first load. So you see I have been down this road & I can tell you it is bumpy.

As for the TV - I'm thinking LCD, somewhere in the 46 inch range. Best Buy is currently running a sale, they will deliver, install & recycle my old TV all included in the purchase price. Now if it were me, I'd be there at 10am when they open, have it wrapped up by 11am all before the sale/promo ends tomorrow. But that's just silly old me.

Let's see what Smarty thinks .....

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